Kuhu Shall Speak Of Mindfulness!

Make way for Kuhu the Truthteller! For all shall know knowledge and hoorays!


And lo, the summer sun shall shine, gardens shall grow, plants shall thrive. But woe to choosers of SPF 15!

In the unnamed month of the unrelenting heat, they will stumble forth. The crops will scatter, Time will forget itself. But the Old Old Suit-Man will have no hair!

Keep watch over treasures! Keep watch over joys! For always more treasures and joys shall come. But sometimes the gnomes!

Haileykarter asked Kuhu for truth, and this Kuhu shall provide: your next game is Pizza Frenzy!

And forgetting all they had learned, kings and queens of the giant world shall laugh and dance and step on the toes of Truth, unaware that Truth has bigger feet.

These pants! Made of pastries!

Behold, long ago victorious Kuhu prophesied: “No man shall ever an island be!” And behold, Kuhu now declares: “I am not done! For new islands will always be, but none made out of man!” Make way for islands made of Yes!

Do not fear, oh followers of the Great Kuhu. There will be joy. There will be life. Yet I still ate that pizza!

And suddenly the Leap of Awesome reminded the world: the Unicorn lives! The Unicorn lives! But hear this warning, all enemies of delight and mindfulness: The Unicorn lives!

Celebrate extra cheese!

Blog Ride Editor’s Note: Want to know what the future holds for you? Ask Kuhu at KuhuSpeaks@PopCap.com. Kuhu shall speak again.

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