Meet the Beet

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is alive on Facebook, and there are lots of new characters to meet. Lots of new plants to grow, hordes of new zombies to unearth. We thought it’d be fun to introduce you to some of the new characters — in case you haven’t yet met them on your travels through Big Zombie Country.

We’re starting things off with one of our favorites: Beet. He’s a brawler — the guy who won’t chase after the zombies or shoot anything. He waits until they get really close, then smacks ’em with a head-butt packed with powerful antioxidants. And he won’t back down, either. He’ll keep the fight going as long as he possibly can.

To get maximum beating power out of Beet, try using him in tandem with a Wall-nut. The Wall-nut will hold the zombies while Beet bonks ’em into submission. The duo makes for a delicious salad, too.

If all this talk makes you hungry, go play Plants vs. Zombies Adventures! If all this talk makes you want to play Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, you should! Go play it right now!

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