Bookworm Heroes’ New Pet Makes Waves!

Bookworm Heroes is not just another fish in the word-game sea. It hooked me from the start, and part of what reeled me in was the variety in the heroes and pets, the way you could tailor the game to your style and adjust it to match up against your opponents’ strengths. Just as you’ve settled into a comfortable strategy, there’s something new to try. Today, that something new is a whale named Herman who will take your score from plankton to puffer fish.

Not just a game change but a sea change!

Herman can turn any letter tile into an ampersand, allowing you to make two words on one play!  Imagine the possibilities when you’re playing as Razor, whose megawatt cyber tiles can only be used in words of five or fewer tiles…

Why settle for a single word when you could have two?

Or use Herman on Hack and Spell to add heft to your heist!

To my shame, I failed to steal his Lucky O tile. I could've made WEATHER on my rebound.

But don’t let me hold you up — hurry and hire Herman to help your Heroes!  Come back and tell us what combination of Hero and Pet is your favorite!

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