Bookworm Heroes: Introducing Nenya!

Hi kids! It’s Friday again! Yay! We hope you are having a good one, and are not too worried about things like the government spying on you. They probably are, sure, but there’s nothing any of us can do about it, so we might as well just sit back and enjoy being oppressed.

But anyway, to take our minds off that, we thought we’d share a bit of better news with you. There is a new Bookworm Hero! She’s in the game right now and just ready for you to choose her. Here is what she looks like:

Hi! I'm Nenya!

Who is this new hero, and why should you pick her? We don’t know much about her back story, to be honest. We know that she is an Elven Princess, but that’s it on her genealogy. Did she ever date Legolas? We simply do not know. We do know, however, that she was named after one of the three rings of power forged by the Elves of Eregion, and wielded by none other than Galadriel. So that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, like all the heroes in Bookworm Heroes, Nenya has both a signature tile and an ultimate skill, both of which, when used properly, should leave your opponent quivering in the fetal position in their basement, wishing they’d never been born. Or at least wanting a rematch. Nenya’s signature tile is the Flower Tile, which “grows” over the course of three turns, adding more points to the affected letter with each turn. In other words, the longer you leave it on the board, the more points it accumulates (for up to three turns.) Her ultimate skill is Flower Power, which summons a Treant to do extra damage, based on word length and the number of the Flower Tiles you’ve grown. (We will ignore the fact that Treants are D&D based, and not part of Middle-earth, because that would then call into question whether Nenya was actually a Tolkien elf at all, which would then call into question her name, which is clearly from Tolkien, thus leading us down a potentially dangerous path of nerd rage. So let’s just not go there.)

So Nenya is best used, strategically, with patience. She gets more powerful over time, so don’t go using her power, or the Flower Tiles at all, until they’re at their full strength. But even without any special stuff going on, Nenya still has probably the game’s best animation, firing arrows at your opponent with every turn. It’s totally hot.

Are you sold yet? Yes? No? Go play Bookworm Heroes RIGHT NOW and decide for yourself!

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