Discover Barbuda and the Coral Reef: New Islands in Solitaire Blitz

Hello fans of Solitaire Blitz (the deck-clearing-est solitaire game in the wide wide world), fans of island adventures, fans of talking worms and mermaids, fans of clear blue water, and the rest of you. It’s your lucky almost-summer day whatever fan camp you fit into, as we’ve just announced two new islands for you to visit when you play Solitaire Blitz on Facebook. First up for your diving and fast-paced card flipping: Barbuda.

Some things you may not know: Barbuda was inhabited in 2,300 BC (yep, it’s been around awhile) by the Ciboney, but they were long driven away by the rough-and-tough Taíno by the time a fella named Christopher Columbus landed on the island in 1493. Neat! It’s also home to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, which has a giant population of Frigatebirds, massive birds also known as Man of War birds or Pirate birds. Even neater!

Our next new island some might not even call an island: the Coral Reef.

I, though, like to think that the Coral Reef is like an underwater island. And what’s more fun than that? Not a thing! Sometimes, I’ve heard tell, Coral Reefs are called “Rainforests of the Sea,” and for a fact they contain 25% of all the marine life in all the oceans. Sounds like a pretty exciting place to visit, right? So, stop reading this and go dive in to explore the new islands now available on Solitaire Blitz.

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