Rambling About Some Kinda Nonsense for a Couple Hundred Words

Hi! Jeff Green here! Happy Friday to you all. I can tell you it is a happy Friday for me personally, because I dropped my iPad 3 and shattered the glass on it. Well that’s not the happy part. The happy part is that, thanks to an acute awareness of my own clumsiness (reinforced by years of berating by my father, who really should be covering all these therapy bills), I was smart enough to purchase, at the time I bought the iPad 3, the extra special “AppleCare Plus” protection, which covers, amongst other things, dropped iPads. So after dragging my sad self to the Apple Store, accompanied by, in the soundtrack in my head, a sad tune by Janis Ian, I was able to pick up a brand new replacement iPad for the low, low price of $49. A small price to pay indeed for my own clumsiness.

Janis Ian feels my pain

Anyway, that’s not really what this blog post is supposed to be about. According to our trusty, official blog schedule, dutifully maintained by one Philip Smith (his real name), today was the day I was supposed to post a video of me playing Plants vs. Zombies Adventures with some of the folks at PopCap SF. However, some things just do not go as planned, as Neville Chamberlain would be happy to confirm, if he was still alive. Sadly, he died 73 years ago.

"And on this day, I shall make the biggest blunder of the 20th Century! Cheers!"

Fortunately, I do not believe, at this moment anyway, that my failure to post a gameplay video will lead to an invasion of Poland. It is only 12:00 PM, though, and given the week I’ve had I should probably not jinx it. Though the video did not happen yesterday, we did still have a chance to chat with lots of fans over at the PopCap Twitch TV channel, and we promise to try again soon once we figure out how to use these “computers” and “software.”

When I told my fellow blogmates that I would not be posting this video, I suggested, not entirely facetiously, that as an alternative I could write a post in which I “ramble about some kinda nonsense for a couple hundred words, topic TBD.” This was greeted with an enthusiastic thumbs up by one A.J. Rathbun (his real name), and thus this post was created. Given that I am now well over my planned “couple hundred words” it’s probably a good idea if I just stop now and let you proceed with your day.

I would be remiss, however, if I let you go without sharing the YouTube video below, the one YouTube video of all the YouTube videos in existence that never fails to make me laugh out loud every single time I hear it. Including right before I just typed this sentence. I hope it makes you laugh, too. And I hope you all have a great weekend.

We’ll be back on Monday with some actual, real, important news!

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