Kuhu Shall Speak! In Hot Weather!

Delight in the dazzling countenance of Kuhu the Truthteller! It is not sweat, it is glow!

Let the wisdom of Kuhu console you: even Kuhu could not see this One. Oh, Great Kuhu your failures are 720!

Behold the return of the Old Old Suit-Man! Embrace the joys of now and future! But avoid the lopsided gaze!

And the clouds shall part, the sky shall glow. And the children will be set loose upon the earth and all shall noise!

The forms of adventure are many! Embark, or do not embark, yet you will embark!

Hot dogs are delicious!

Prepare yourselves for sparkles. Prepare yourselves for hope. But should The Tiny Nuisance block your path, you shall dig no more!

On the Seventh Day of the Galloping Asparagus, the world will marvel: though he gallops not, his forms are many and wow!

Beware, skaters of ice. The day is coming and is already here. Ice will melt if you drop your cocoa!

Listen closely, hear truth: multiple avenues multiply joy! Intersections intersect sad! Candy coating coats your candy!

Fear not the candle, fear not the fire. Fear only the melting! But fear not the melting of all, for the melting of cheese hugs the world!

Blog Ride Editor’s Note: Want to know what the future holds for you? Ask Kuhu at KuhuSpeaks@PopCap.com. Kuhu shall speak again.

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