Plants vs. Zombies Adventures: Review Roundup!

Here at PopCap we tend to like and play our own games. If that seems obvious, I promise you that it isn’t. Tons of people work on games that they have little or no respect for. Even in the games industry, sometimes a job is just a job.

So when you walk around the PopCap offices and see some us of playing video games during the workday, chances are we’re playing our own games. Because we actually like them. In fact, most of us start playing our new games well before they’re finished, because we’re encouraged to do so and to provide feedback to the design teams.

The best part about this — other than getting to play the games before you do — is that we get to watch them morph and get better over time. Take, for example, our just-launched Facebook game, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, which our awesome San Francisco team has been making for over a year, and which has gone through some radical and fantastic transformations over the past few months. So it’s particularly satisfying to see the critics get their hands on it and, so far at least, give us a pretty unanimous thumbs up. Because, you know, we tend to agree with them.

If you haven’t tried it out yet (and you should, because it’s free, and it’s totally fun), I’m going to link to a few of the reviews so you can check them out. (And I promise I’m not just cherry-picking the good ones!)

“The game packs in so much fun and exciting new content, and takes advantage of its new social home in all the right ways. But the best part is that it always still feels like a Plants vs. Zombies game, which I think is perhaps the game’s strongest achievement.”
“Plants vs. Zombies Adventures manages to retain the core essence of the original game, while adding tons of fun new twists and gameplay alterations to always keep things fresh and interesting.”

“Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a wonderful sequel and successful installment to the hit PvZ franchise. With its proven core concepts, greater artwork and excellent use of social aspects as well as freemium model, it is sure to appeal to old PvZ fans and new casual game players alike.”

The Verge
“All told, it’s a solid adaptation of a great game, and an experience that’s worth logging in to Facebook for.”

“A solid game that definitely has an audience. Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.”

“Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is quite different from regular old Plants vs. Zombies, but it’s a good sort of difference.”

And here’s a nice 15-minute walkthrough from the folks at IGN.

But, hey, don’t let other people decide for you, even if we agree that they’re right! Go play it yourself!

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