The Pets of Bookworm Heroes

As much as I’d like to say that the headline refers to a spin-off Bookworm TV show, alas, it does not. However, if you would like to see a Pets of Bookworm Heroes TV show, please write to your local television stations. Let’s get a grassroots movement started! What do we want? Pets of Bookworm Heroes TV show! When do we want it? Now! Woooooooo!

I’ll start again.

So, as a follow up to my post of last week, in which I introduced all of the heroes in Bookworm Heroes, this week I want to focus my extremely nearsighted, Mr Magoo-like eyes on the game’s pets. Like the heroes, pets will provide a nice power-up for you when they are charged up — with each pet offering a unique power. Unlike heroes, however, pets are entirely optional, and cost 750 coins per game. While you can, of course, choose not to buy a pet, the added boost can be crucial in a close game, and provide a nice handicap should you be playing one of those annoying people who are better than you.

Lucy the Berserk Bat

Lucy restores health based on your next word’s score–the higher the score, the more health regained. Lucy can be a lifesaver near the game’s end, giving you much needed health back if you’re on the verge of defeat.  Pairing Lucy with Lex gives you a strong, defense-oriented combo against tough opponents.


Vonnie the Frosty Feline

Vonnie, along with being saddled by an odd name, encases an enemy’s tile in ice for two turns, rendering that tile totally unusable. This will work even on your opponent’s special, high-scoring tiles, so be sure to save it for those, as it will guarantee maximum frustration.

Wiley the Picky Piglet

Like that other resourceful pig, Charlotte, Wiley is talented enough that we’ve let him live rather than serve as tomorrow’s bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.  Wiley can change a letter on any tile except diamonds. On its own not particularly exciting, but this can be extremely useful if you’re just one letter shy from that awesome giant word you’d otherwise be able to make.


Peggy the Precious Pony

Peggy, whom we strongly encourage you not to associate with any other brand of Little Pony, enchants any tile you tap, thus turning it into gem tile. A powerful, offensive pet that can help turn even a mediocre word like “burger” (mmmm, burger) into a massive blast of awesome.  Used with a letter like X or Z, you’re guaranteed to turn your opponent into a thumb-sucking emotional wreck, curled up in the fetal position and calling for mommy.

Harry the Pecuniary Porcupine

Harry is the first pet we’ve added to the original menagerie, and he is purchasable for $1.99. (That is real-life currency, not BookwormBuckz.). What do you get for your money? More money. That’s capitalism for ya, comrade!  Harry gives you 4x coins (the not-real-life kind) for whatever you earn on your next word.  Not so much a strategy against your opponent as a way for hoarders and investor-types to increase their coin balance, which might be useful in the next recession, for which my dad says we always need to be ready, especially with politicians being the way they are these days and the fact that our infrastructure is totally crumbling and most kids today are so obsessed with taking selfies on their whaddyacallum smartphones that they can’t even be bothered to notice they don’t have a career yet and are another reason this country is going down the toilet.

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