To Free Or Not To Free…

Good news for all the Bookworm Heroes fans who are also fans of free things. Each week, we’re featuring a new Free Hero of the Week! Last week was Polyphemus, the tile-smashing Cyclops. This week, Hamlet suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous word-building… and he does it all while you get to save up your coins for something else — like owning a Hero forever and ever.

And for those of you who enjoy using your stockpile of coins for powerful Pets, Bookworm Heroes has a new Pet! Peggy is a precious little pony who loves precious things. She uses all that preciousness to enchant letters and turn them valuable gem tiles. Next time you play, try adding Peggy and see how she can help you whomp your precious little enemies.

Okay, so that’s two more reasons to go play Bookworm Heroes. Go try it today. And stay tuned to the Blog Ride for some fun profiles of all the Bookworm Heroes characters!

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