Send Your Zombie Greetings Today

Hello Plants vs. Zombies aficionado! In case you didn’t know, the best way to show your love, affection, animosity, friendliness, or attraction to another is through Zombie Greetings (but don’t tell the Ask a Zombie zombie I said so)! What, you may ask, are Zombie Greetings? They’re the only way to send Plants vs. Zombies fun and fun-dead to friends and paramours on Facebook, and we have them for every occasion. It’s super-duper easy to select the appropriate card and post it to a friend’s wall. Or post it on your own wall to let the world know how you’re feeling. They’re, well, fantastic. And even if Canned Food Month has passed, you can always get ready for next year. Check out just a few samples of the Zombie Greetings available for you right now:

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