Bookworm Haikus for Me and for You

We’re still in a Bookworm Heroes state of mind, so much so that we’re now combining it with our National Poetry Month state of mind in the form of lovely and lit’rary haiku in honor of everyone’s favorite new spelling sensation! So, without further ado, ado, ado:


By Philip:

O, Bookworm Heroes

I describe thee in one word:



I play Bookworm He-

roes because I love words but

I am bad at Hai


By Julie:

Spelling frenziedly

Whomping my friends right and left

That is too a word!


By Dana:

Hamlet v. Razor

Inks, spells PARAMECIUM



By Jeff:

Heroes making words

Wait, Hamlet is no hero!

Something is rotten


This game is stupid

Because I lose ev’ry time

Can you spell I QUIT?


By Curtis:

Lex. Hamlet. Razor.

Which strong hero shall I choose?

A phone call? Ignore.


My opponent spells

A word. A feeble attempt.

Lucky? Lucky! Luck.


Oh, Lex, you whomper

of my heart, what have you done?

Hamlet is weeping.


By me:

How to spell awesome?

B – O – O – K – W – O – R

M! Can you dig it?

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