PopCap In the News: Everything’s Coming Up Bookworm Edition

I’d used a bunch of fancy words to tell you that our sparkly PR MC Rachel has wrassled together another swell group of news items for you to read. But I’m saving my fancy words for Bookworm Heroes.

Bookworm Heroes launched last week, and Games.com didn’t waste any time coming up with cheats and tips for beating your friends in a word-fueled battle. Check them out to get the edge in your future linguistic endeavors!

Here is some of the awesome, splendid, superb, marvelous, stupendous, and magnificent Bookworm Heroes coverage (I may have gotten slightly carried away with the word theme…):

Not only did Games.com decide to expose the secrets to mastering Bookworm Heroes but they put together cheats and tips for Plants vs. Zombies as well.

And also on the Plants vs. Zombies front, last week PC World put together their list of “12 Great PC Games for Any Age,” and PvZ made the list! They say that, although “Fighting the undead with exotic flora may seem like an odd choice for all-ages gaming” the game is “a blast.”

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