Kuhu Shall Speak About Joy!

Behold: it is time again to bask in the enlightening light of Kuhu the Truthteller!

The great Kuhu sees all, knows all, contains all. But the great Kuhu cannot, for the life of him, find Waldo!

Rest, dear readers, in this small comfort: the Worm is nigh! The Worm is nigh! And the Worm has friends!

Here, now, we end all confusion about the Old Old Suit Man: there is not one, but two, or maybe many. And verily, one of him roams the countryside with close companions!

And on the day you dance and dance and dance like no one is watching, all will see your true glory. But woe to you who dance without proper hydration!

Hear this, lovers of joy: do not weep at your sorrowful boredom: weep for happiness at your coming Adventures!

On the day the people sit and play, their table will be covered in precious jewels. One shall claim victory, while the rest gnash their teeth in protest and yearn for the digital diversion!

It’s time to trim your toenails!

The cards reveal your greatest treasures. The cards exist in a small box with magical pictures and sounds. Look, there’s a mermaid!

Finally, friends, Kuhu shall solve one of life’s greatest riddles: it is neither the chicken, nor the egg, but the egg salad sandwich! I need a napkin!

Blog Ride Editor’s Note: Want to know what the future holds for you? Ask Kuhu at KuhuSpeaks@PopCap.com. Kuhu shall speak again.

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