Plants vs. Zombies Spring Fashions

So, it’s spring. And you know what that means? Tulips? Sunshine? Baseball? Frolicking in a meadow? Sure, it means all that stuff, but even more it means you need to get some new outfits (cause, between us, you’re looking a wee bit dated). What kind of outfits, though, do you need? Well, what the kids are wearing these days is Plants vs. Zombies clothing. Which means my suggestion re: spring shopping is that you head over to the Plants vs. Zombies store and outfit up. For example, imagine how you’ll look tip-toeing through the tulips in a Zombie Yeti t-shirt:

Or reclining in sunshine in a dreamy Sunflower t-shirt:

For that matter, can you really imagine being at the ballpark without wearing a Conehead Zombie fitted cap:

And, finally, no one but no one wants to be frolicking in a meadow sans their Ask Me About Mustache Mode t-shirt:

Unless they are a square. And you’re not a square, right? Prove it by shopping for Plants vs. Zombies apparel now!

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