April Caption Contest: Cast Your Vote!

This month’s caption contest entries included some of my favorites yet. A great many submissions were thematically similar, so they kind of cancelled each other out — all of you who said anything about flies and soup, consider yourself an honorable mention, because you were all on the same page, so you clearly win the popular vote.

But we chose our favorites from the outliers, and they are pretty great. I love the nods to the character himself and the game he comes from. You Hidden Agenda players are some clever folks, and I enjoyed reading through your captions. So here are the top four, for your consideration.

  • "So then I deleted Frogger and demanded an apology. E for Everyone?" – Amanda S.
  • "But what I really want to know is, is a limping pigeon human-toed?" – Alexander S.
  • "I have yet to find a usable clue in this alphabet soup." – Cookie LV M.
  • "Landfills are just full of takeout boxes. Too many takeout boxes these days!" – Kelley A.

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