Live! On Tape! From Seattle! It’s Bejeweled — The Board Game!

Hi kids! Happy Thursday! Or whatever day you happen to be reading this! Every day is a happy day on the PopCap blog! Especially after we’ve had our caffeine!

So, you may have heard rumors about a Bejeweled board game. You may have even seen it on store shelves. And you may have asked yourself, while staring at the box, “Wait, what? Why would I want a board game version of a game I have on oh so many of my digital devices?”

Today we are here to answer that question. Or rather, to let you watch the answer. Because what we have here, in an exclusive world premiere, is video footage of a few of us at PopCap actually playing the board game. Watch in amazement as real-life PopCap employees play this game in front of your very eyes, thanks to the magic of “video cameras”  and “the Internet!” No trick photography! All stunts performed by the actors themselves! No animals harmed too badly!

So, yes, the Bejeweled board game, brought to you by our good friends at Hasbro, is a fun, “offline” version of the game, and once you watch this video, you’ll see why! So watch already! Go on! Hit play! If you’re on this blog we already know you have some time to kill!

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