Uncover the Truth in Hidden Agenda on Facebook

Greetings Internet Friends!

Have you played the Hidden Agenda Beta on Facebook lately? If you have, thanks! Now get back there and keep playing.

If you haven’t, wha-huh? Green County needs you! Get on the case to solve the murder of local official Albus Puckerwhip. New mysteries and new characters continue to be revealed.

Meet Zotkin the grumpy goat and help him figure out who is destroying his garden. Is someone trying to send him a message?

Get to know Constance Verity, local character, yoga instructor and unicorn. Is she as “zen” as she wants you to believe?

There’s arson, smuggling, thievery and, for my money, the most terrifying video game character in the history of video games, Sister Eloise!

Play Hidden Agenda today! Have fun, help Green County and save me from my unquiet dreams.

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