Not All Benefits Are In the HR Handbook

It’s been a wild couple of weeks out here in Blog Ride HQ. We are working feverishly on all manner of projects that we can only speak about in the vaguest of terms. That is partly because we are sworn to secrecy and partly because we can’t remember what we are doing half the time (author’s note: that might just be me).

So it was a dee-diddly-ightful surprise when our new favorite Girl Scout, Grace (daughter of Senior Art Director and Cat Wrangler, Jesse) stopped by last week with a crate of cookies to deliver. Not only did she bring some much-needed sugary sustenance but she also delivered hand-made cards in the Plants vs. Zombies style to the fine folks who ordered cookies from her.

As for us deadbeats who didn’t order any  cookies, well we are still eating more than our share. Thanks, Grace! If there is a badge for awesome, you’ve earned it.

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