Kuhu Shall Speak… Yes, He Shall!

And lo, Kuhu the Truthteller will speak of goodness and lovelies and all kinds of yuck!

Hear, oh people, the warnings of Kuhu:

Be not out past the downing of the sun, and stay off my roof!

Glory is given, glory is taken. All who receive shall remain in the database!

Fear not the lopsided eyes of the Old Old Suit-Man … but fear his many approaching forms!

Kuhu learned email: KuhuSpeaks@PopCap.com!

Hear oh people, the joyfulness of Kuhu:

There, too, are many forms of worms. Among them, the shiniest are the i!

The lion will lie down with the lamb, and then the lion will get up and frolic in the meadows. And the lion will not calm down! And the lamb shall seek refuge and shout, “I should’ve stayed home!”

Joy comes in many forms, much like the Old Old Suit-Man… but its greatest form is a sandwich!

Hear, oh people, the future memories of Kuhu:

In the Year of the Singing Salamander, it was either that, or the Year of the Digital Swan!

And on the day they solved the crime, the County called Green was exposed. All who called this land “County” discovered the hidden truth, nestled beside the hidden feather: it is a Town!

And surrounding that Town, Canada!

Verily, all games shall exist, and some shall cease. The adventure hath existed even as the adventure was yet unknown. And the adventure was flowers and diamonds and words!

I just bought a huge soup pot!

Blog Ride Editor’s Note: Want to know what the future holds for you? Ask him at KuhuSpeaks@PopCap.com. Kuhu shall speak again.

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