Every Day Is a Holiday If You Do It Right

February 20 is a very special day, as those of you with Plants vs. Zombies 2013 wall calendars already know. For those plodding through the gray wintry days without a Valentine Zombie staring back at you, we’ll let you in on the secret:


It’s Wear Underpants Outside Your Pants Day!

I think it’s especially magical that this holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, because Wednesday is new comic books day. And personally, when I think of someone wearing underpants outside their pants, I don’t merely think, “What a silly sartorial choice,” I think of superheroes. (And white coats and padded rooms, maybe. Just a little. Might depend how well the outfit matches. Our zombie, for instance, looks pretty snazzy.)

This little guy, on the other hand, kind of sad.

So as you walk around today, if you see anyone celebrating this little-known holiday, give them a smile. (Not too inviting a smile — it’s hard to tell a celebrant from a kook who can’t dress himself properly.) And think about superheroes and how you might be one too, deep down inside. And then choose your superhero name and make yourself a superhero ID card. It’s okay, I have one too. No need to be embarrassed.

Then head over to Amazon to pick up a Plants vs. Zombies 2013 wall calendar so you don’t miss out on any more of these special days. You’ll probably kick yourself a little when you see how you already lost a perfect excuse to walk around sounding silly on Fake Accent Day.

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