PopCap In the News – GOAT Edition

Celebrity sighting! Both Michael Jordan and Andrew Lincoln have shown PopCap some love this past week.

  • Michael Jordan shows us he has skills on and off the basketball court with his new title of ‘Bejeweled Demigod’. Both Business Insider and ESPN say that Jordan has reached level 100 in the game and uses it as a competitive outlet, now that he’s not spending so much time on the court. Not only does he play the game, but his longtime friend and driver George Koehler plays the game as well, and it seems to be a staple in the Jordan household.
  • On the other hand, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, is forced to channel his characters zombie-fighting skills in order to beat the zombies in one of the few games he plays on his iPad, Plants vs. Zombies. According to Adweek, Lincoln says that when he plays as himself, he is eaten in seconds.

USAopoly has announced that Plants vs. Zombies Risk: Collector’s Edition will launch in Fall of this year. Check out a picture of the game as well as some details on EGM Now.

As you all know, (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?!) the new PopCap game Hidden Agenda is in open beta. AOL Games Blog has created a cheat sheet for the game, so check it out!

Game Informer Magazine put together their list of Top Ten Tower Defense Games. At #1 is none other than… Plants vs. Zombies! GI says that with its “adorable presentation” and variety, PvZ is able to give players endless ways to defend their home. Listing variety as one of the hardest achievements for tower defense games, we are thrilled to be at #1!

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