Kuhu Shall Speak! You Shall Read! All Shall Win!

All shall extol the return of Kuhu, the prophet self-predicted! Read on and discover more truth and all yes!

Withering in the shadow of the Giant Heart, red ribbon with chocolate stains. And though you feel no guilt, verily: you shall regret that nougat truffle!

Behold, gems shall cover the land as cards roam the rooms, and none will desire ants in the pants!

When the sharp burn subsides and all is the remnants of what could have been: curse this cappuccino!

Make way for The Bearded One who knows of all Things and all Times, but especially Things!

And when the Great Kuhu speaks, all shall wonder of the worm and the worm and the mobility of joy. But Kuhu shall only mean this: Kuhu hath a headache!

As the fire streaks across the sky and the tall nation awes the great fiery force, many will say: it’s cold outside!

Thus sayeth Kuhu, again and once more: Brian K shall labor and all shall rejoice!

The time is now yours, to answer the great Kuhu: you call this a large with extra cheese?

Blog Ride Editor’s Note: Want to know what the future holds for you? Add a comment. Kuhu shall speak again.

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