Solitaire Blitz Is for Lovers

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Whether you’re giddy with infatuation, deeply in love, comfortably solo, or wistfully longing, there’s a cuddly catfish who can relate. Sophie, the hopeless romantic of the seven seas, needs your help to catch her dreamboat!

Sophie likes poetry, sardines and long sunset swims along the shoreline.

On the island of Trinidad, you helped Sophie gather up presents to woo the handsome lighthouse keeper of her dreams. (Wait, you didn’t? Then get to it! She’s waiting for you!)  You can also go back and do it all again to see her delight as you collect secret admirer gifts for her.

To replay quests in Solitaire Blitz, click on an earlier island and choose Play Again. Or to simply see the items you collected, you can choose Review Quests.

On the island of St. Vincent, she’s got more amorous adventures for you!

Love Potion #9 is a very underrated movie.

If you have not yet visited the island of St. Vincent, you’re in for a special treat with this quest! Just last week, you may have noticed that a brand new boost was available in Solitaire Blitz. Tempest in a Teacup is also a quest reward for helping Sophie gather ingredients for her love potion! If you have yet to try this boost, or if you’re not quite sure what it does, hurry over to St. Vincent to earn 10 free Tempest in a Teacup boosts (if you’ve already completed the quest once, you will earn Silver for replaying it). Believe me when I tell you, this boost is the best! Check out what it does:

Time is running out! I've got a huge stack over there and no place to put the cards... there's no time!

But I activate my Tempest in a Teacup, and all the remaining cards get shuffled and re-dealt into even stacks!

Very quickly I was able to make a few key plays and clear the Time Line. Now I can clean up!

Finally, don’t forget about the newest islands! Stormy Rocks has just been discovered, and a special Valentine’s Day card back awaits you there. Whether you’re counting the minutes till a romantic dinner or counting the minutes until February 15, there’s no better way to spend those minutes than playing Solitaire Blitz!

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