Solitaire Blitz: In Praise of New Islands

“How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of good will.”
— Albert Einstein

Oh, how I, too, wish for such an island. And yet, when I think of all the islands in the world, I cannot help but remember: in life, rough waves and ragged shores can tear down the facades of even the most majestic islands and reveal a lonely chamber of harrowing despair.

But, thankfully, Solitaire Blitz isn’t real life! (You can tell by the mermaid and the mustachioed shark.) In this awesome game, PopCap brings you new islands that offer the wonders of their real-life counterparts, plus lots of helpful sea creatures and tons of treasures. Best of all? You can go visit new islands without even leaving the comforts of your friend-filled Facebook world.

One of the new places you can explore today is called Martinique Island. Plus, there’s a Whale Grave, too… 100% imaginary, we promise. Of course, not all is perfect: there’s a new villain called The Claw, and he’s out to steal your treasure. But at least he’s a fun villain!

New islands are popping up often in Solitaire Blitz — and that means there’s always something new to explore. So if you haven’t played for a while, go see what you’ve been missing. And if you’ve never played: If you are wise and of good will, swim out from under that rock and discover all the treasures of Solitaire Blitz.

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