The Colorful Characters of Hidden Agenda

As Philip mentioned in a mighty manner below, our newest hidden object game has just hit the streets. It’s called Hidden Agenda, is played on Facebook, and is a seek-and-find fantasy of cuddly noir-ish-ness that’s bound to redefine what a game can (and should) be. A lot of its glory is in the gameplay, the finding of objects and the uncovering of clues and solving of crimes. But the game is also full of amazing characters that populate Green County. I thought it’d be fun to meet a few of them:

Penny Paige. The local reporter, Penny is helpful, whip-smart, and not afraid to get mixed up in the action.


Maximilian Rourke. The prideful patriarch of one of the leading families, he wants to leave a business legacy by any means necessary.


Dylan Rourke. Maximilian’s nephew, he’s well-liked by all for his fun nature – but still a bit of a Reynard and quite secretive.


Luther Fairfax. The head of the area’s other leading family, don’t be fooled by his gentlemanly nature and elderly staggering. He’s an iron fist in a velvet glove.


Harper Fairfax. Luther’s daughter, she’s smart, capable, and gets along with almost everyone, though she’s never fawning and has her secrets.


Mr. Edison. The town’s venerable banker, he’s not going to stick his neck out too far.


Jeffrey ‘Fitzy’ Felis. A bit of a lowlife with high life connections, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and howl at the moon. Or wear a track suit.

Meet even more intriguingly fun characters when you rush to play Hidden Agenda, in Beta on Facebook now.

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