Rejected Game Ideas. Again.

Back by popular demand (yes, really), here’s another round of PopCap’s rejected game ideas. As you may recall from the other times we did this (here and here), these games may or may not be real… but if you love any of these ideas, let us know. Maybe you can help us bring it back to life.

And now, here you go:

Bitter Critter Zoo
Something’s gone horribly wrong with your newest exhibit — and only you can restore order and save the zoo! Catch all those Bitter Critters, then convince them there’s still hope for the future. This ain’t no zootopia . . . but it’s still your job to save it!

Error Code 0-4384
You’ve been hired to locate the missing cure to the world’s latest pandemic. But to get the antidote and save the world, you’ll need to find over 2,100 hidden objects and uncover the clues!

Dictator Tots III: Despotato
The tyrannical tubers are up to no good . . . again. It’s up to you to infiltrate their political network and fry these evil potatoes once and for all. But be warned: they have eyes everywhere!

Vicious Unicycle
Spokes fly in this battle for street-performance supremacy! Battle Harpy, the Robot Unicycle in juggling, singing and harmonica challenges. But look out for flying bongos!

Mechanics everywhere call SocketMania “the best game featuring socket wrenches ever!”

Hungry Gourds
From the makers of Plants vs. Zombies comes Plants vs. Zombie Plants! Undead gourds are coming to eat your gardens. Do you have what it takes to squash your competition? (Sorry.)

Nickel & Dime: Private Investigators
Team up with a friend in this co-op detective game. Play in black and white or Technicolor. Rated E-10, for some tobacco usage.

Fiscal Clifford
Histories collide as Martin Short is an obnoxious 10-year-old boy who is adopted by a big red dog named Clifford Geertz. Can you, too, learn the meaning of life?

Sidewalk Gum Finder
Clean up the streets and earn rewards in this action-packed social game. Compete against friends in Timed mode, relax in Zen mode, and for a sticky challenge, take on ABC mode!

Sea Salty: Dog Sailor
Set sail with Salty on a search for the lost treasure of Mutt’s Island! Chart your course and survive storms and Cat Pirates. Look! There’s a dogfish!

Cupcake Overlord
A chemical spill just outside your cupcake shop turned your chocolate treat into an evil Belgian villain! Can you stop the Cupcake Overlord before he turns the entire town into dessert?

Thyme Travelers
The first in our culinary education game series! Join Tina and Timmy on a historical tour about their species. Explore ancient Greece, battle nightmares, and discover natural disinfectant and medicine. Plus, learn to make a killer Espagnole sauce.

Coffee Cops
Coffee crimes are at an all-time caffeine high. Help the Coffee Cops nab all the villains and send them to the Tea Tree. This game is certified fair trade.

Mice Fishing
I love this game.

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