Let the Sunshine In!

Hello, January, you harsh mistress. Mid-winter is a time of cold, a time of grey, or gray if you prefer… I find it’s one of the few things in the wide world of word choices that I don’t care much about. But whichever spelling you choose, it’s a word you’ll find yourself using quite a lot this time of year. January… you gunky.

But trust Plants vs. Zombies to remind us that even in the darkest hours, there is light to be found! And trust the Plants vs. Zombies store to have plenty of sunshiny stock on hand to carry you through the winter months. For instance:

This little sunflower key chain puts sunshine right in your pocket!


You could fall asleep at night with a sunflower pillow!

There’s also wearable sunshine to be had…

For daytime...


...or night!

There is all kinds of sunny, summery goodness to be found at the PvZ store, so head over to find more ways to make it through till spring!*

*Note: you can continue to enjoy your sunflower clothing and plushies in the springtime, especially if you live in places like Seattle, where the grey is not mindful of the calendar.

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