Haiku For You

It’s National Haiku Day, but only here at PopCap. That’s why we decided to grace you on this beautiful Friday with a few little poems inspired by PopCap characters. Some are sprinkled with PopCap joy, while others are burning with existential angst. Each of us wrote one, and we are all extremely proud of them.

And if you have one of your own to share, add them in the comments section. Because, at least for today, we love haiku!



Blue chuzzles in flight
I just popped you and you’re gone
Are you home, or dead?





Stressful solitaire
The countdown is bugging me
Cannot think clearly





Chuzzle, chuzzle, chuz
zle, chuzzle, chuzzle, chuzzle,
chuzzle, chuzzle, chuz





My dearest Bonnie:
Your heart, an open bookstore;
Mine, an e-reader.





Prehistoric eggs
Looming, steadily encroach.
Quick! Whirley’s coming!





What are you doing
With all the c-clamps I find
Hidden Object game?

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