New Year’s Caption Contest: We Have a Winner!

And that winner is… Maggie G, with 39% of the vote! It was a bit close this month, but Maggie pulled through in the end. Congratulations! You may now brag to your friends and family, boast on the Internet, add a line to your resume, and do a jig down the highway in celebration. If you’re going to do that jig down the highway, though, please be careful, look both ways, and send us the video for us to post.

To all those who did not win, or those who did not enter, do not despair. You will have another chance, another day. Soldier on as best as you can for now, and we’ll be back soon with another contest, and another chance for you to be a Genuine Internet Winner!

Honey, you’ve GOT to do something about that hair!

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