And a Zombie in a Pear Tree

Still looking for that perfect gift? You’re in luck. We have a whole store full of perfect gifts! And since you’re sitting there reading this, you don’t even have to get out of your seat to browse and shop for one or two or nine.

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Just click over to the Plants vs. Zombies online store and be done with shopping so you can get on to the egg nog and those weird cookies with the powdered sugar on them that you can’t stop eating even though you’re not sure you like them.

Everybody dreams of commanding their own army of the undead. Okay, maybe that’s just around here, but you can’t go wrong with this adorably menacing Pop! Zombie Vinyl Toy.

Rest your weary head (or bottom) on this 15″ Sunflower Pillow. It’s 25% wider than your favorite LP. And if anybody on your list knows what an LP is they probably want a good pillow. This is that!

Sometimes simple is best. Let your favorite zombie fan show their allegiance with the Minimalist Zombie T-Shirt. The t-shirt is minimalist, not the zombie. Zombies love clutter.

For the fungus fan in your life, why not pick up the sunny Sun-shroom Ladies T-Shirt? Seriously. Why not? We can’t think of any reason.

We’ve redefined “cuddly” with this 7″ Plush Zombie. His soft little teeth trying to get to your brains feel like angel kisses. It’s perfect for that special someone who’s tough on the outside but just really needs a hug.

For the baseball fan in your life, this sporty Conehead Zombie Fitted Cap is just the thing. It lets them show their zombie pride while also fitting right in at Baltimore Orioles or San Francisco Giants games.

And there’s plenty more where that came from! We have lots of cool apparel, toys and accessories. And they’re all 20% off through Sunday, December 16!

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