Don’t Sink My Battleship!

We mentioned in an early post about Hasbro computer games available in your local retailer, games which PopCap helped create for PC and Mac. But all you classic board game fans are even luckier today, because the champion game of sea warfare is now also available for download. That’s right — big bad Battleship can be yours to play on PC or Mac in mere minutes, and you can try it for free. You’ll be able to achieve total victory at sea, but only by flexing your maritime muscles in seriously strategic fashion. Much like its plastic predecessor, this version of Battleship is nearly tipping over with fun. You’ll have the ability to launch strikes with mouse-driven precision as you destroy enemies in Classic mode or Salvo mode, witness 3-D guns blazing and smoke-billowing carriers sinking to their doom, and earn Super Weapons as you improve your rank from Seaman all the way to fully fledged Admiral. It’s a hit!

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