All I Want for Christmas is My Squash Plushie

Whatever winter holiday you might celebrate, I’m betting that as a Plants vs. Zombies fan (and what good person isn’t?) you’ll find an item in our pleasing Plants vs. Zombies store to plop on your present list. For me, it’s a Squash plush – if you haven’t seen them yet in our store, then I suggest going there posthaste. Squash not for you? Other highlights that you could, if you wanted, pick up for me include the b&w comic-y styled Squaresville Sweatshirt with a host of PvZ characters, the mythical Zombie Yeti t-shirt, the straight up Zombie plush toy (whose expression is a bit like mine in the morning), or the Dolphin Zombies screenprinted poster with that one heroic Puff-shroom facing down a pack of aquatic fun-dead. But jeez, you don’t have to just shop for me. Why not pick yourself something up, too?

PS: I would have gone with “Squash plushies roasting on an open fire . . .” but that was just too painful. Because I love the Squash plush and am not afraid to admit it.

PPS: As if the merch wasn’t enough of an enticement, Blog-rider Philip wrote most of the helpful-and-amusing product descriptions within the Plants vs. Zombies store!

PPSS: I almost forgot – get 15% off at the Plants vs. Zombies store by visiting our Yuletide Yetidays celebration.

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