Limited Edition Plants vs. Zombies Trading Cards On Sale Now!

Hey Plants vs. Zombies fans! Have we got a deal for you!

Available right now, for 20% off through tomorrow, is a complete limited edition retail box set of our brand-new Plants vs. Zombies trading cards! Sure you could just buy individual packs of cards, and we happily encourage you to do so, but why not just go whole-hog and by ‘em all in one massive, indulgent online shopping splurge! You’ve worked hard all year — don’t you deserve this kind of reward? Sure you do! Tell anyone who complains that we said it was okay. We totally have your back on this.

So what do you get for your money? Check this out:

  • 24 packs of cards with 7 cards per pack
  • all 50 base cards
  • all 10 chase cards
  • a press sheet
  • either a signature card OR a sketch card from one of the original PvZ artists

This is a limited edition box, so once it’s gone, it’s gone, unless we decide to make more! The cards themselves are awesome looking and sturdy, perfect for putting on your wall, obsessively cataloging in binders, or flicking across the room at your little brother’s forehead.

Act now! They’re on sale! You’ve bought way stupider stuff this year already! Why stop now?!

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