A New Risk: Get Ready to Dominate the World!

Draft! Attack! Fortify! Sadly, there aren’t many days where you can walk the streets yelling those words at the top of your lungs without being stopped soon by some “authority figures.” Draft! Attack! Fortify! But today is one of those days, because today I’m here to tell you about the dominatingly fresh version of RISK that’s now available for PC/Mac right here on PopCap.com!

RISK is of course the original game of strategy and world domination – I’m thinking almost everyone can remember a marathon session of RISK with friends (or one-time friends, ’cause sometimes friendships end after you come rumbling with your armies through Kamchatka). Draft! Attack! Fortify! With this digital version, you’ll uncover the classic look and fun of RISK in an exciting interactive experience. There are two ways to play as you strategize over the map and set out to conquer the world, either testing your power against computer enemies (which is nice as it gets you ready to take on our eventual computer overlords), or competing with friends in Hotseat multiplayer fashion. Draft! Attack! Fortify! But either way, you have to use strategic thinking and tactical gambles and earn a host of achievements as you take territory after territory trying to answer one big question: can you lead your army to victory? Draft! Attack! Fortify!

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