Plants vs. Zombies Trading Cards Are (Almost) Here!

I was gonna start this post with a long ramble about dreams coming true, Dr. Strange movies, and those philosophical riddles that come with Bazooka gum. But instead, I’m cutting to the wondrous punch line: Plants vs. Zombies trading cards are now available for pre-order at the Plants vs. Zombies store. Really — pinch yourself if you don’t believe me. You can pre-order a 4-pack of the cards or a complete retail pack. Not only are they bursting with every zombie you know, but also many you probably won’t recognize as readily. And they also contain fun facts, lots of laffs and hard-to-find variants like sketch cards, scratch ‘n’ sniff cards, stickers and more. The kicker? Supplies are limited. Which makes this pre-ordering business so important. Check them out:

That’s a beautiful dream come true right there. Oh, and one other thing: don’t forget, it’s the holiday season. If you have a Plants vs. Zombies fan on your buy-for list, these cards will make them swoon. So if you get some cards for them, better get some smelling salts, too. You can’t be too careful.

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