PopCap In the News

Today’s In the News post is brought to you by our-almost-not-a-PR-Intern-anymore Rachel S. She’s the tops people, and if you ever see her on the street, give her a big hug. She loves hugs from random people. And now, on with it Rachel!

In case you already forgot, Halloween was last Wednesday; so, our Stop Zombie Mouth campaign was all over the news! Don’t worry (I know you were), we’ve weeded through the articles to bring you the best coverage as well as a couple other hits!

  • Along with the campaign, we commissioned a survey and found out that BOTH kids and parents want less candy on Halloween . . . who woulda thunk it?! KKOB summarizes the survey results is this article.
  • IGN wrote a very flattering article about the casual gaming industry, why being called a casual gamer is nothing to be ashamed of, and how PopCap is a casual gaming leader and success story! Gee whiz, thanks.
  • In case you weren’t craving cupcakes…you probably are now:


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