All Hallows’ Eve… Eve

It’s not Halloween quite yet, sure, but for holidays the federal government has not seen fit to convert to a standardized day of the week, we learn to make compromises. If party holidays fail to fall on a Friday or Saturday, we party a little early. PopCap threw its Halloween bash last week, and as usual, we had some rockin’ costumes. For those who need last-minute inspiration, or just to rev up your own party mood for tomorrow, enjoy the images of a very pop-cultural PopCap costume party after the break.  But first, check out a couple more fan costume submissions we received!

And now for the PopCap party people:

A fun-loving Joker gleefully menaces a broody Batman.

This duo was a walking reminder to all of the profound importance of partying on.

Winner of Scariest Costume...the girl from the Ring. Not in fact a brunette Cousin Itt.

While both these couples clearly coordinated their costumes, they did not actually coordinate with each other! This is a cosmic cosplay confluence of Nickelodeon devotion.

Winner of Best PopCap Costume: our beloved attack dog, Noni, caught in the act of foraging for food around the office. The one flaw in the execution is that Noni never actually looks sheepish when she gets caught.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 win for best costume to wear for crashing parties on Halloween--seriously, how do you know who's in there?

Another gorgeously crafted costume from Katie, who brought us last year's Medusa. How does she do it? What might she charge to make something for me....

The grand prize winners were a trio. Everyone seemed very excited about their costume. Something to do with "L'Homme de la Famille," I think.

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