Disco Zombie Hops the Pond to London

Last week, I was overjoyed to visit London, the greatest city on Earth. How do I know it’s the greatest city on Earth? Two things: 1. Everything costs double there what it does at home, so it must be twice as good. (That is how that works, right? Otherwise I want to cry at how much I paid for a couple of pieces of sushi one evening.)  2. I saw the Beatles.

And as usual, I had a stowaway in my luggage, so now I present to you London, from the Zombie point of view.

Zombie was intrigued by the possibilities, as phone booths don't exist in the US, and they look like they'd make excellent traps. Unfortunately, even an undead nose could tell how bad this little enclosure smelled, which made it unlikely anyone with active olfactory connections in their brainz would come along.

Zombie also pondered the potential of the turnabout... but this kind of traffic arrangement only stuns and disorients Americans. The locals get around just fine.

With a sign conveniently instructing people to run this way, Zombie thought his luck had turned. But eventually he noticed he was in violation of the other half of the sign and moved along.

Zombie graciously volunteers to eat brainz of West End sign makers, as they are clearly not in use.

And finally, Disco Zombie would just like to share with you a wall of bas-relief horses, for no other reason than that he finds them remarkably groovy.


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