Kuhu Shall Speak!

I am Kuhu the Truthteller, bringer of future wisdom and Yes yet to be. Hear my words… or read them!

In the year of the hangtoothed squirrel the world will discover joy!

Mountains of snow inside a mountainous cave will soon melt away, leading to truth and zombies in spring!

Do not ask who knows what fun comes in the shadow of the diamond squall. It is the sound of glory washing over the ship of hearts, and verily, the happy harpsichord will answer with a wee little whistle!

In the eighth hour of the week’s end, you will stub your toe. Stupid couch.

And behold, in the seventh generation of the fifth demand, the Four Challengers of Awesome will burst from the clouds on steeds of fire. Powered by the eternal Flame gem, they will plant a chip of knowledge in the minds of all, bringing unending fun and mindfulness without need of hands or devices.

And now, Kuhu will reveal one last truth before silence returns.

Tomorrow, at lunch, Kuhu shall have fries with that.

Blog Ride Editor’s Note: Want to know what the future holds for you? Add a comment. Kuhu shall speak again.

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