Take a Vacation Quest to Hawaii for Free – On Your iPad

Hello hidden object fans (and I know that you, yes you, are a hidden object game fan. C’mon, admit it. I can. So you can, too), iPad fans, mobile game fans, Hawaii fans, vacation fans, and anyone else who needs a swell break from their daily doldrums. It’s time to take a trip with the hit seek-and-find adventure Vacation Quest – The Hawaiian Islands, which is now available for iPad and which you can download for free. This tropical dream has everything you want in a hidden object adventure: hidden clues, 28 island scenes, over 2,300 hidden objects, and seashells in each location to earn bonus days and tour new sites. I’m not even sure why you’re still reading this — go take your vacation (whether you play in regular clothes or your bikini or swim trunks is up to you).

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