Stop Zombie Mouth, Get Cool Trading Cards

We told you last week about our new partnership with the American Dental Association to teach kids about good oral hygiene. So you probably know by now that you can go get free-game coupons at But there’s also another way you can give away Plants vs. Zombies for free.

Participating dentists around the country have packs of collectible PvZ trading cards — featuring Plants, Zombies, special Putrid Posse cards, and a free-game code in each pack. You can get the cards from any participating dentist, and then hand them out as a Halloween treat. It’s probably the biggest treat kids will get this Halloween.

So check with your dentist today to see if they have the limited-edition Stop Zombie Mouth cards, and then go get them. While you’re there, you may as well get a checkup. Your teeth will thank you.

And if you can’t get the cards, you can still join the fun and help Stop Zombie Mouth. Get your printable free-game coupons today, and hand them out as sugar-free Halloween treats.

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