Disco Zombie Does New Mexico

You may have noticed that no one on the BlogRide team can take a trip for business or pleasure without finding a stowaway in their bags. I just returned from my favorite place in the world, the beautiful state of New Mexico, and this little guy was with me the whole way.

Zombie has never been more comfortable in the presence of plants. Stuffing them with cheese, deep-frying them, and submerging them in sauce renders them immobile, helpless and oh-so-delicious.*

The vasty vista makes even Disco Zombie contemplative. The desert is beautiful... and has far fewer plants than Seattle.

Zombie wanted desperately to get up to that bus that's stuck in the wall — it's just Zombie's size and would make a way cool tour bus for disco revival. Sadly, out of reach.**


Zombie has never seen a human as creepy as the one in this picture. Zombie is very very okay with that. Some brainz not worth eating.

This ladder leads up to a little walkway all around the house just below ceiling level, for the cat's enjoyment and exercise. Zombie thought it was cool to get way above and enjoy the brainz-eye view of the household.***

* This is the chile relleno platter at Bea’s 2 in Albuquerque. If I were super-rich, I would fly down to NM regularly just to eat at this restaurant. The food is so good, I wouldn’t even feel guilty about my carbon footprint. It’s at Wyoming and Zuni, just off Route 66.  Go.

** This rad mural wall is at the comic book store Astro-Zombies, on Central in Albuquerque. The wall is so much cooler when you can see all of it… I briefly envied those with that new phone that does panoramic pictures.

*** Yes, my mom’s house is that cool. A cat walkway.

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