PopCap in the News

Today’s post is brought to you by our dynamite PR Intern Rachel S., for whom one day we will all be working. Take it away Rachel!

With our countdown to Halloween officially begun, we have some spooky-good news about our Stop Zombie Mouth campaign, a trip down iPod memory lane, and more!

  • The Stop Zombie Mouth campaign is in full swing as it makes a Page 1 appearance in the print edition of ADA News. Not to mention, the campaign music video made its public debut! Check out the video and other campaign treats at stopzombiemouth.com.
  • Not only did the Stop Zombie Mouth video launch, but so did the new campaign trading cards! Here is some of the press that covered these limited edition cards: Venture Beat, The Verge, and Digital Trends.
  • Seattle Business Magazine had its 2012 Tech Impact Awards for companies and organizations that use technology to have a positive impact on the lives of others… and in 1st place, PopCap! Check out what they had to say here.
  • Remember when all iPods had click wheels? The Verge does, and they think Peggle was one of the best wheel games! Obviously!

Lastly, Plants vs. Zombies was listed by Pad Gadget as one of the best games to play if you want to kill time during a meeting. However, if you get fired for doing this, we will deny ever giving you this information.

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