Zombie Mouth? Eew!

Do you hate your teeth? I know of four little germs that do. Their names are D.K., Plak, Rott, and P.U. Together, they’re known as the Putrid Posse, the creators of Zombie Mouth.

Zombies don’t seem to mind Zombie Mouth — all the cavities and stinky breath and missing teeth help them fit in with all the “cool” zombies. But Zombie Mouth is bad for you. It’s bad for kids. And it’s time to Stop Zombie Mouth.

PopCap just teamed up with the American Dental Association to help teach kids of all ages about good oral hygiene. We’re redefining what a Halloween “treat” can be by giving away a fun alternative to candy: free Plants vs. Zombies games for Mac and PC!

Best of all: you’re invited to join the fun. Head over to StopZombieMouth.com to load up on printable coupons with free-game codes, then go out and give Plants vs. Zombies for PC/Mac as a Halloween treat. There’s no limit to the number of coupons you print, so go Wall-nuts!

Plus, there’s a ton of great information on how you can Stop Zombie Mouth, some fun freebies like printable zombie masks, and a pretty awesome music video from the surprisingly talented Putrid Posse.

Are you still here? I figured the first link to StopZombieMouth.com would’ve been enough. Go there, now.



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