Take a Walk on the Virtual Boardwalk with a New Monopoly—Today!

Hello board game lovers (and those “bored” by the games they’re currently playing. And yes, I did just say that). We’re as excited as anyone passing GO to announce that the freshest electronical version of MONOPOLY is here now and available for you to play on your PC right this instant. Or after you download it (and soon, very soon, it’ll be available for MACs, too).

In the manner of the classic game, you can buy, sell and trade your way to a fortune via properties from the inexpensive Baltic Avenue to big bubbly Boardwalk, railroads (for those hobos among us), under-appreciated utilities, Chance and Community Chest cards, luck, and more. But in this modern iteration of the game, you’ll also get to enjoy fun animated tokens, 3-D dice, customized game environments and up to three levels of difficulty. And you can try it for free. Are you ready to own it all? If not, then maybe this video will entice you to real estate excellence:

Just remember to stay out of jail!

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