Hop a Boat to Kroakatoa Island!

Zuma Blitz has been my personal favorite of our Facebook games from the start. For one thing, it’s Zuma, and I can’t get enough of Zuma in any form. The original, the Revenge, the various platform versions… what’s not to love? It’s all froggy ball-shooting good times. So Zuma Blitz, to me, was always the best of the Blitzes. And believe me when I say, the best has just gotten better.

I swear, it's even prettier than I remembered! The colors, the crisp lines... I'm gonna go play a quick game. Be right back.

To my mind, the greatest joy of Zuma is how dynamic it is. I’ve written at length in the blog about how Zuma teaches you how to play as you go; this game wants you to succeed. Zuma Blitz takes it to the next level by letting you choose tools to carry with you in the game. The original Zuma Blitz had nine power-ups, and you could choose up to three per game. The new Zuma Blitz island of Kroakatoa has ten power-ups to choose from, but even better, we’ve added a whole new category of boost!

Tasty tropical treats tempt the tongue. Flavorful foods fuel the frog! Appetizing aliments augment your achievements!

Food is like having a fourth power-up slot, only better. With power-ups, you only get one of each type — you couldn’t, for instance, choose to fill two power-up slots with the Speed Shot in order to double that boost’s effect. But you could choose to play with Speed Shot and then add the Hasty Pudding on the food menu! That’s doubling your speed boost! If you’re lucky enough to land a Spirit Eagle monument, you could conceivably triple the speed boost based on your power-up and food choices.

(And while we’re on that topic, we’ve added some major improvements to the way monuments work on the new island — by popular demand, you now choose your boosts after accepting the monument! Also, monument streaks are now possible — once you’re on a streak, you can keep playing with that same monument, and it costs less each time!)

All of these options allow for the greatest depth of strategy ever in a Zuma game. The old island allowed you to discover and hone your playing style; Kroakatoa encourages you to explore it and find ways to enhance it. The power-ups and food can be combined endlessly to support your play, whether you choose to bolster your weaknesses or exploit your strengths.

Color Nuke is a brand new addition, and it will blow your mind! Technically, it will blow up all the balls of a single color on the curve, which is pretty sweet.

Check it out:

I know I’m good at gap shots, shooting Fruit, and maintaining my chain. So Speed Shot is a necessity for me, because it helps me slide my shots through narrow gaps. Fruit Master is a great choice, because if you’re good at something, give yourself more chances to do it! And Chain Blast rewards my vaguely obsessive-compulsive chain tendency. Top off that boost combo with a helping of Gapple Sauce, which makes gap shots worth even more points, and I’m going to the top of my leaderboard!

Or who doesn’t love making stuff explode in Zuma Blitz? If you like boosting your game with Bombs and Cannons, you’ll love Pyro Popcorn! It makes all your explosions even bigger!

Of course, there’s another big change, and that’s the switch from mojo and idols to coins. In the old Zuma Blitz, you earned small amounts of mojo for every game you played, and you were occasionally granted idols at various levels of achievement or as prizes in the random spinning treasure chest. Idols could be redeemed for mojo, and mojo was how you paid for boosts and monuments. That made my brain bend a little just trying to describe it. Coins are a much simpler form of currency (and as a bonus, the word “coin” actually is synonymous with currency in your head, so you don’t even have to learn new terms to understand it!). While you won’t receive small quantities of coins for every game you play, you will receive large quantities every time you level up! In fact, we did the math, and we can assure you that the average player will get more in that lump sum payment than they could ever have gotten over time in the smaller incremental grants.

Kroakatoa is not just the newest Zuma, it’s the best Zuma Blitz ever. If you’re a Zuma Blitz player but you haven’t joined us on the new island yet, watch for your invitation to board a boat and come on over! You should see it above your game board any day now.  If you’re new to Zuma Blitz, what are you waiting for? Come to the island paradise of Kroakatoa and get to blasting some balls!

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