Plants vs. Zombies Pinball Now Available!

We just can’t stop with the exciting Plants vs. Zombies news this week!  We’re crrrrraaazy that way! Today we are here to tell you what some of you probably know already: Plants vs. Zombies Pinball is available right now for both Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network!

Plants vs. Zombies Pinball was made in conjunction with our pals over at Zen Studios, makers of some of the best digital pinball games around. Our table, in fact, is the first new table for their brand-new Zen Pinball 2, and does a great job (if we do say so ourselves) of melding all the great characters and features you love from PvZ with the fantastic pinball action that Zen Studios excels at. We may have come up with the original concept here at PopCap, but Zen Studios took the (pin)ball and totally ran with it, designing a beautiful table that is easy to learn, hard to master, and guaranteed to keep you coming back over and over to beat your friends’ high scores.

Plants vs. Zombies Pinball is now available for download in Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation Network for $2.99, with Cross Buy entitlement on PS3 and PS Vita, and on Xbox Live Arcade for 240 MSP.

Tomorrow is Saturday! Save yourself from doing chores or getting sunstroke by getting Plants vs. Zombies Pinball and playing all weekend! Tell your parents or significant others that we said it’s okay!

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