New Plants vs. Zombies iOS Update! The Excitement is Palpable!

Hey everyone! Or everyone with an iOS device! (Everyone else: We still love you, a LOT, but this post won’t do much for you, unless you like sharing in the joy of others, which you should if your mama raised you right.)

Available right now, the brand new Plants vs. Zombies iOS update is a great one, especially if you have one of those fancy new iPads. Yes, we heard you, and it is finally here: Retina display support for the new iPad! (We can’t call it the iPad 3, but you can.) Huzzah!

If you don’t have a new iPad, fear not! There is other new stuff for you, too! Here is the complete rundown of what’s in the update:

  • The Last Stand Game Pack (100,000 in-game coins or $.99 purchase) features 5 new levels, plus a Last Stand Endless mode.
  • 3 new achievements: Hammer Time, Still Standing, The Stuff of Legends.
  • Brand new Mallet Pack to help whack zombies in Survival and Last Stand Endless modes. Available in Crazy Dave’s Shop!
  • A link from the main game menu to our brand new PvZ Store, where you can buy all sorts of cool PvZ merchandise for your friends and loved ones (and yourself!).

Pretty sweet, huh?  We certainly think so.  And sure, we’re paid to say that. But we still think so anyway! We rebel by not rebelling! Now go get the update! Bye!


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