PopCap at PAX Prime: It’s Over

Yay! PAX is over!

Don’t get us wrong: We love the convention as much as the next gaming dork. And, hey, this year in particular we have absolutely nothing to complain about, as our booth was overwhelmed with people the entire weekend. On the other hand, our booth was overwhelmed with people the entire weekend. So we’re tired. And our feet hurt. And our ears hurt from people yelling at us to give them a Wall-nut cap. (If they asked for a “potato cap” they were given a look of abject scorn. Pro Tip: You don’t get free stuff from us if you don’t even know what it is!)

Calm before the storm: On the morning of the first day, we were still able to have the Wall-nut hats out in the open for anyone to grab. This wouldn't last long.

Overall, of course, we were pretty thrilled with our booth. It looked great, it was in a fantastic spot, and we had all sorts of cool stuff going on, besides giving away free goodies. Most exciting for us was the debut of Plants vs. Zombies Pinball, which our friends over at Zen Studios developed, based on our original design. The game was playable in our booth and the response was great, even by those of us working in the booth, who took any spare chance we got to grab one of those chairs to sit down and play.


Our PAX booth included comfy chairs where you could relax, play our games, and even recharge your phones! It's like we thought of everything!

On Friday, the first day of the show, things were still relatively “mellow,” as far as a gaming convention with tens of thousands of people in attendance goes, but by Saturday morning, word of our knit caps must have gotten out. Plus, it was Saturday, so a lot more people were in attendance. And so what we had originally envisioned as a “relaxing lounge” kind of thing for ourselves had a different vibe to it by late morning.


Demand for the hats became so high, in fact, that the hard-working PAX “enforcers,”  as the show’s volunteers are known, soon set up an organized line for us, and a system by which we’d open up one box an hour, with folks lining up on the half-hour to start waiting.  This line ended up snaking around multiple corners of the convention hall. It was crazy.

This poor fellow is still looking for the end of our shwag line.

If it sounds like we’re either complaining or bragging about all this, we don’t mean to do either. What we’re actually doing is what is known as “processing.” Mostly, we’re overwhelmed by the response, not just to the free stuff, because everyone obviously likes free stuff, but just from the reaction and kind words from fans we received all weekend. Believe us, it’s not been the easiest few weeks around PopCap. So this kind of reception from the fans was an awesome reminder of why we all do this in the first place.

So from all of us at PopCap to everyone at the show: Thank you. Let’s do this again soon. Just not too soon.  We need to sleep for a week or two first!


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